Nagoya Office

Pola Nagoya Building, 2F
2-9-26 Sakae, Naka-Ku, Nagoya
Japan 460-0008
TelFax: 052-221-6761

Tokyo Office

2F EXOS Ebisu, 1-24-14 Ebisu,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Japan 150-0013
Tel: 03-3444-1521

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body-img1Power Japanese is a global leadership training, cultural development and education company with innovative and dynamic teaching methods. We seek to make learning fun, flexible and focused. Among the many benefits from choosing us, our clients will enjoy custom tailored lessons, situational learning, international events and online learning and support. The Power Japanese courses allow for students to achieve their goals whether they are looking for business, survival or academic training.

Ultimate Flexibility

We understand that taking time out of your busy schedule isn't always feasible. That's why Power Japanese offers several options to fit your needs. Our instructors will...

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Power Japanese uses a communicative approach that focuses on language competence and communication, NOT JUST GRAMMAR! Plus, our "Cultural Awareness" skills put the language into context and help you put the language to use.

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Lesson Concepts

Students will progress towards their goals using Power Japanese's "Accelerated Language Competency System." Each lesson is taught based on a 3-part concept to increase the speed and successful learning of language proficiency objectives.

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Cultural Awareness

Did you know you shouldn't do that with chopstick? Were you aware that you couldn't wear shoes there? Avoid the awkward situations by going in prepared. Power Japanese classes present the language in context to give you more than just a language class. It's cultural experience. Understand the behavior and beliefs of people within Japanese culture and excel in social and business situations.

Grammar & Conversation

Learn key grammatical structures in a fun and interactive way that will help you remember. Role-play and practical usage are the basis of our Japanese classes. Plus, our man-to-man attention insures the focus remains on you.

Role-play and activities