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Power Japanese differentiates itself from other language courses by providing options that are focused on the student.

Learning Method

The Power Japanese learning methods are communicative as opposed to just focusing on rote memory - listening and repeating things over and over. Power Japanese reinforces learning with language practice through role-playing and actual training to make our students confident and capable speakers.

The Students

The Power Japanese student is looking to start their Japanese learning or improve their abilities in order to become a functional Japanese speaker. Many schools focus only on teaching students to pass the language proficiency tests.

The Learning Focus

The Power Japanese learning focus is content/context focused. Student language competency and communication ability are the most important goals of the Power Japanese system. Other systems focus on grammar learning and memorization with the goal of passing non-verbal testing.

The Speaking Points

The Power Japanese speaking practice focuses on intonation and accent. It's not just how to pronounce each word, it's about how you put it all together.

Progress Speed

All students have different abilities and goals with different strengths and weaknesses. Student progress will be followed closely by the instructor and adjusted to help achieve each student’s individual goals.

Study Materials

The Power Japanese course materials include original text sheets and learning materials developed to target the student's individual needs in addition to texts that are selected based on student needs and goals. Student's hoping to gain survival competence will have very different needs from a student needing to use Japanese in a business environment. Other courses use standardized textbooks that focus on general language concepts