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Japan 460-0008
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Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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Private Lessons

Lesson Information

At Power Communication we offer a selection of Japanese courses
specifically tailored to suit either business or personal requirements.
"Choose from the following training options:"

  • Private Japanese courses
  • Small group Japanese courses
  • Japanese language and cultural training courses
  • General business Japanese courses
We will tailor-make the right Japanese course to suit your individual or corporate needs. You can take lessons in one format, or combine different formats (such as face-to-face and online) A summary of the different courses that we offer are outlined below.
Private Lesson

Intensive one-to-one programs are highly targeted and offer great flexibility. We design the course around your aims and level, so you progress quickly, focusing only on the things you need.

Private lessons give you the utmost flexibility in terms of your needs and availability. With this format, combining language training with work or survival situations is easy. In addition to teaching you in a classroom atmosphere our instructors will also help you in real survival situations.

Having trouble at the supermarket? Can’t find what you like? Our instructors will go with you and teach you the Japanese that you really need giving you an opportunity to practice it in a guided real life situation.

We will recommend and assign additional assignments and homework to consolidate and extend your language.

Finally, we will look at what will be most effective to deliver the maximum impact on your learning curve. These courses are all student centered, and you will be able to determine what you learn and how you learn from the start.

Semi-private classes (2-students-to-1-teacher) classes are also available, although when two people share lessons, it's essential that you are equally as proficient in the language, and that you agree on course content prior to beginning. Provided you have these united levels and objectives, semi-private courses work out to be much more cost-effective too.

Advantages of training on a private, or semi-private basis include:

  • Your trainer can come to you in your home or your office
  • You choose the days and times that suit your schedule
  • We will build a course specifically for you
  • Trainers are qualified native language speakers
  • If you are too busy you can take a short break

Can you withdraw and deposit money into your bank? Can you transfer money to another bank account? Can you ask questions at the post office to find out how much it costs to send a letter to your Mother?

Corporate Group Lesson

Power Japanese will design a course tailored to the needs and level of any group. Courses can target specific business language fields or goals on the one hand, or aim to build more general language knowledge and skills on the other.

Small Group Language Courses for Business

What will you learn? Course syllabi cover grammar, vocabulary, and skills work and communicative based lessons. The language you learn is designed to be used outside the classroom from the very start. Syllabi are flexible as our teachers will adapt their learning plans to the specific level, aims and interests of the classes. These courses are great for individuals or as part of a company-wide training or benefit scheme, and offer.

  • A fun, interactive and stimulating way to learn
  • A friendly atmosphere and a great way to meet people
  • Extremely good value for money.

By utilizing podcasts, videocasts, and other cutting edge distribution methods, combined with an online learning center, individuals are given the flexibility to study and learn on their terms. In addition we use IPads in our lessons and encourage students to come in before and after lessons to practice using several great applications.

  • Flexible
  • Portable
  • Great quality
  • Innovative
  • Fun

Can you make your way around without knowing the correct language?
Can you ask for directions?
Can you understand the time? Ask for the time?
Can you ask how much a ticket is?
Can you understand the differences between the different types of trains (express, semi-express, limited express)?

Skype Lesson

Power Japanese now offers online learning via Skype. The perfect anytime-anywhere language training solution for those looking for the ultimate in flexible learning.

Language Training by Skype is both the perfect alternative and the perfect complement to traditional face-to-face lessons.

All you need is broadband, a headset and a webcam.

Skype lessons are also a very effective way of learning: you are naturally drawn towards the screen and your tutor, and focus 100% on the lesson.

You can follow a complete course online, or use Skype classes to make up for missed lessons on a face-to-face course. Skype classes can also be blended with other forms of language training with Power Japanese - online, off-line, in-company - to give you a course of integrity, texture, and depth. Why Skype?

Lessons anytime, anywhere - the ultimate in flexibility
The perfect way to catch up on a missed class
Great course follow-on option
Gives the communicative practice you need to make self-study worthwhile

Blended Learning

An online course is also a great support to face-to-face learning. At Power Japanese, we are increasingly combining the two formats to create more textured courses, enabling students to benefit from a range of language input, practice and ideas.