Nagoya Office

Pola Nagoya Building, 2F
2-9-26 Sakae, Naka-Ku, Nagoya
Japan 460-0008
TelFax: 052-221-6761

Tokyo Office

2F EXOS Ebisu, 1-24-14 Ebisu,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Japan 150-0013
Tel: 03-3444-1521

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Power Japanese is the best choice for many reasons.

Custom Tailored Lessons

We know your time is precious. Get the results you are looking for with lessons that are custom tailored to meet your needs. We will develop a flexible curriculum to match exactly what you want. From more practical speaking and communicating, to grammar based reading and writing, our instructors have got you covered.

Monthly Progress Reports

You will receive regular detailed feedback from your instructor indicating your strong points as well as what you need work on. Your instructor will tailor the course to your personal needs and desired outcome.

Multiple Teachers

Power Japanese has the teacher to match your personality and style of learning. A mix of teachers will help hone different skills. Whether you need a strict teacher for extra motivation, casual style to make you feel relaxed, or something in between, we have the right teacher to help you exceed your goals!

Situational Learning

Using the language you’re studying is ideal for every student. In addition to regular classes, instructors will accompany students to places where they use the language. The supermarket, restaurant, pharmacy... just about any real situation!

Flexible Lesson Times

All lessons last 60 minutes and they can take place any time between 8am and 9pm, every day including weekends.Whether you need to fit lessons in to a busy work schedule, or you just like to get things done early in the day, we’ve got something for you.

Online Lessons

Power Japanese now offers online learning via Skype. Online lessons are the perfect anytime-anywhere language training solution for those looking for the ultimate in flexible learning

Cross-cultural Awareness Training

You will role-play, practice and learn many important facts about Japanese culture to help eliminate cultural misunderstandings and faux pas and ensure success in all social and business situations.

Testing to Show Progress

You will be administered a baseline test (Japanese proficiency test and speaking test), mid-term and final test with feedback and analysis from your instructor.
These are optional, so don't worry if you don't feel like taking a test!


Simple book study is a thing of the past. Power Japanese lessons integrate technology into the lessons as much as possible. Using iPads, watching videos, and accessing online resources will accelerate your understanding by providing multiple ways to learn.

International Events

There are a host of international events where students have an opportunity to practice using their Japanese. Activities include camping, rafting, sporting events and many others.

Lessons-To-You System

If you are too busy we will come to your house, or café near you. Your trainer conducts your lesson at your own pace and without you wasting any time travelling.

Online Learning Resources

We have a range of downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets that you can use to practice and take with you to help practice in real life situations.